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    Found a couple of these and combined it into one, please remember...

    Airguns Games
    Backyard Safari
    This was originally designed for younger shooters, but anyone can enjoy it. Take a box of animale crackers (Koekies) into the back yard, field, or other safe shooting area. Place the animals around the yard or field at different locations in the grass or under bushes. Use your imagination in placing the animals, just be sure of your backstop and that your are shooting in a safe direction.
    Now take your hunters, kids or shooting buddys, into the field and hunt the animals. As you spot the animals, you stop and shoot them. After you are done with your safari, the animal crackers can be left for the birds.
    Mini Sniping
    Mini Sniping has been around for a while. In this game you place 5 empty 9mm pistol casings in clay at 35 yards. One shot is taken at each case. A kill is recorded only if the casing is shot out of the clay. This is alot of fun and alot tougher than it sounds.
    A fun variation on this game is to substitute those little green army figurines that we all played with as kids for the 9mm casings. You can typically get them at any discount store like Walmart. The proportions of the figurine torsos are about the same as the 9mm casing. But the figures add a bit of fun to the game.
    Favorite Targets
    ? Soda Jug Bottle Tops
    ? Paint Balls
    ? Aspirin
    ? Metalic Silhouettes
    ? Little Green Army Figurines
    ? Fast Food Fun Meal Charactures
    ? Used Pistol and Shotgun casings
    ? Planters Cheez Balls
    ? Oyster Crackers
    ? Breakfast Cereal, Kix, Cocoa Puffs and the like.
    ? Metalic Spinners
    ? Field Targets
    ? Compact Discs, especially AOL CDs
    ? Soda Cans, Thanks Warren Wu
    ? Neco Wafers, Thanks Charles Meyer
    ? Orange Plastic Practice Golf Balls, Thanks David Bottomley
    ? Cow/Goat Bells, Thanks David Bottomley
    ? Snap & Pops, Thanks Terence Tam
    ? Pennies, Thanks Terence Tam
    ? Old Playing Cards, Thanks Terence Tam
    ? Old Eggs, Thanks Justin
    ? Plastic Milk Caps, Thanks LB
    ? 35mm Film Canister Partially Filled With Flour, Thanks Brody Dyer
    ? Old Metal Dog Rabies Tags, Thanks Rooster
    ? Toothpicks at 10 meters, Thanks Bob P
    ? Smarties also called Sweettarts, Thanks Bob P
    ? Acorns, Thanks Bob P
    ? Beer Bottle Caps, Thanks GOJPO
    ? Light Bright Pegs, Thanks GOJPO
    ? Golf Tees, Thanks Fuzzman
    ? Cap gun Caps, Thanks Dyke Dean
    ? Bugs on a white board smeared with honey, Thanks Rick
    ? Dimes, Thanks Calvin J. Vork
    ? Frozen Apples, Thanks Dennis Dagamer
    ? Fruit, Thanks David
    ? Bath soap and shampoo bottles with various cartoon heads on them, Thanks JR99
    ? Charcoal Briquets, Thanks Dag E. Josang
    ? PEZ Candy & Dispensers, Thanks Rusty Frederick & Paul Parker
    ? Ketsup Packets and other fast food sauce packets, Thanks Steve
    ? shoot at paintballs on white background. They make quite a show when a pellet hits them
    ? The small silhouette animals make a good change of pace,and the kids get a kick out of the clang from a solid hit. For a change of pace I will tell them they must shoot rams(largest) from offhand (or the chickens for the precision class kids). Some times I will set a timer for 3 or 5 minutes, telling the kids it is " free for all" when it beeps (shoot other kids
    ? and baloons are also good
    ? Two years ago we did a lifesaver match. I hung lifesavers from fishooks and we had a match where you got 3 shots to break 3 lifesavers.

    For a tiebreaker I glued "smarties" to a 3 x 5 card for the kids to shoot. They are about 4 mm in diameter and I had to hit them with spray paint first to make them uniform in color.

    ? This year, I used the animal silhouettes - lots of fun!!! I'll stick with that as there is less mess to clean-up.
    ? At easter time we shoot those candy peeps chickens. Lots of fun, get the hard ones, they break up nicely.

    I also had the kids hang a target backward and shoot a smiley face on the back side of it, then complete it by connecting the dots. I then took a team picture and sent the targets and picture to the owner of the dive shop that fills our scuba tanks for free.

    ? We also use the Daisy breakable targets, they look like little clay pigeons. Kids love shooting them.
    ? We also do a guts match for fun. Let the less experienced shooters shoot prone, the better kids shoot kneeling, and the really good kids have to shoot off hand. Have every one load one round, give them 45 secs to fire the shot. Lowest score has to drop out, they then get to heckle the other shooters with animal noises while they shoot. If there is a tie the 2 lowest shooters shoot a tie breaker. It does several things, first it breaks up the monotony, second it lets the younger kids have a real chance against the older ones, third, it shows the kids that the only shot that counts it the one they are firing. A bad shot anywere along can knock you out. But some of them also get lucky, there one bad shot is often matched by someone else.
    ? spinners, cans hanging from a string, water balloons, small molded plastic animals, 1x2 wood blocks (on their ends so a hit knocks them over), film containers filled w flour (w/o the cap on so a hit caused a cloud of flour), animal crackers, pringles, hanging small sheets of metal (cut from a soda can), etc.

    The thing to be careful with are the targets that can bounce the BB or pellet back at the shooter. Some of the spinners fall will bounce pellets back. To some degree, this seems to be velocity related, so you have to test with the particular gun.
    ? Thanks for all the ideas, folks. I coach junior air pistol & they really like to shoot clay targets, hung on strings. They love the "smash" on the concrete floor, in our indoor range.
    ? at my club for our christmas shoot we use polo mints taped onto black paper. Not sure if you have them in the U.S, but they are hard round sweets about 1/2" across with a 1/4" hole through the middle so perfect accuracy is not wanted. we shoot them without any of the normal gear, jackets slings, gloves (we a re precison .22" club) It's a rapid fire course with unlimited ammo, you have to shoot all your polo mints before the other fellow does. This would probably work quite well with air-rifles or pistols too. polo mints are also very, very cheap.

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    My latest "game" is sniping toy soldiers at 35m (the lenght of my backyard range). If you shoot their heads of first, the body will be ok for another shot. Great fun.
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