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Thread: Buying a Springer ?

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    Default Buying a Springer ?

    I have about 1600-2000 to spend on an air rifle and was hoping i good get some advise on what would be my best option ? Have looked at a gamo cfx. any opinions?

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    thats the one..... value for money you cant beat the CFX. no arguements......
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    thanks for the input .
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    only problem is the CFX has the most ergonomically unfriendly loading port I have EVER seen...
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    I second Guido on that! Do not be disapointed with the actual velocity that they claim and the one you will get. +- 790 to 840 with std grain (7.9-8gn) pellets.
    Gamo have lost a lot of respect from my side, their mass production seems to have gottin in the way of quality. Best buy in the range to me would be the CF30 if you are inclined to underlevers or look at the Cometa and Norica brands, sugestions would be Cometa 300 (target style stock) or the Cometa Fenix 400, both are break barrel. The Norica West (a good rifle I am ever so sorry I sold) and the marvic gold. I beleive Noriva now has an underlever rifle but I have not shot with one.
    All the abouve rifles are in your budget range and in my humble opinion are good value for money and will give you good service life.

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    As a brand Norica is great, even though my experience with the Quick was very, very dissapointing. I owned a CF30 which was excellent, and then there's always BSA as well (not sure what the various models cost these days).
    Don't be too concerned about getting something that'll reach 1000fps. For most shooting 750-800 fps will do.
    My 2c worth.
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