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    Was at a braai yesterday and listened to people talk about airguns. I kept quiet until I had enough of all the bull they were talking. The people were badly informed on scopes, pellets and the law. Most of these guys got their info from Gun shops in Gauteng and man was it bad. I hope some of those shop owners join a forum like this to get EDUCATED. :shoot:
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    I have to agree with that, but the macho guys at the gunshop think they are the experts and anyway airguns are for kids. Buy a real gun, man! is what they tell you. Another contributing factor is that anybody and his brother are selling airguns nowadays because they can import them cheaply from China. Listen to some of these guys talking on the subject of airguns - it will make your hair stand on end. I have learnt to just leave the shop because you will never convince some of these blokes. On the other hand, there are a few people around, some of them in gunshops, who really are knowledgeable but it is mostly theoretical because they dont shoot the airguns they sell. The solution for me is to join a forum like this and get the info from people with practical experience. Another advantage is that it seems as if airgunners in general are not satisfied with info found on just one site, they will keep on scratching and searching.
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    100% correct
    Most of them have no idea what Airguns are capable of and how accurate a quality airgun can really be.
    In Alberton gunshops firmly believe that a accurate Pellet Gun can hit a coke can at 20m, when I told them that my gun can hit the C of Coca Cola as many times as I shoot at 25m they had a look of ..."ja whatever".
    They all say ... Buy a real gun.
    My question ... what's the definition of a "real" gun !
    Even worse, tell them you want more than 4x mag on your airgun and they look at you like you're crazy...
    That opinion will hopefully one day change. If gunshops want to make money then they better start changing their opinions !
    Oh yes, and don't belive anything they say !!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH !
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    Default a real gun....soon that will not be possible.
    I have been declined 2 firearms in the past 6 months...I am a dedicated bona-fide sports shooter, I shoot regularly for a club etc etc, got all the letters bla bla, paid my monies , only to be told "insufficient motivation"
    I can see SA going the same way as the UK, Australia and most of Europe soon.
    They will realise here in the next 4 years how ridiculous and unmanageable the new firearm regulations are and they will just not issue licences at all...we will have to hand back our firearms for no's going to get interesting.
    I am going to try and sell some of my target firearms to dealers in the States since these weapons have real value there....we shall see...
    Now which rocket surgeon decided to de-regulate black powder firearms yet a .22 and up calibre airgun needs to be licenced?
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    Quote Originally Posted by guido
    we will have to hand back our firearms for no's going to get interesting.
    Mission accomplish - No firearms to civilians??? Back to basics - bigger is better, knives i mean.

    I'm working in Nyanga (informal settlement) next to airport, we average 4 murders every weekend for this year, but hey it's better than last year, then we averaged 5! The murders are mostly due to stab wounds, stoning, road accidents and the occasional shooting.

    Problem - too many owners lose their firearms due to negligence.

    Solution - regulate safekeeping of firearms - must have a quality safe while keys must be kept on person, inspection of safes every six month's. Must hand in firearms when leaving premises for more than x days or whatever.

    Fact - Very few crimes with firearms is commited by legal licence holders - a drop in the ocean compared to stabbing, stoning, clubbing or vehicle accidents and wasn't it the same crew who said - unlicenced drivers and road accidents will decrease with the new licence system?

    Question - Will this act decrease the number of firearms in circulation?

    Answer - Yes, but only the legal ones.

    Question - Will this act have any impact on murder or whatever they want to accomplish?

    Answer - ?????????????????????????
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