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    Default scope suggestion........

    ello guys..........

    looking for a "general target" scope.....will be using it for a bit of backyard FT, M/S & HFT. looking for the following specs/features:

    focus down to 10m
    target/open turrets
    AO or SF (preferred)
    mildot (true @ 10X)
    decent optics
    6/6.5 - 20/24 X range

    any suggestions bar the ones already on my list????

    nikko diamond 6-24 x 42 SF MD
    nikon ucc 6.5-20 x 44 AO MD IR
    lynx 6.5-20 X 44 SF MD

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    Depends how much you have to spend. I have a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X40 AO on my cannon, and could not be happier. Comes with a long sunshade. You can order it with a MILdot reticle.

    It can focus down to 10m and the optics are superb!! :thumbsup
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    DARE I say Hawk.
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    oh yes! the elite 4200 6-24, had a look see @ leeuwkop top optics. tks
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