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    Hi all
    I'm glad that i was able to find such a grate sight about airgunning. I recently bought my first CZ200T and is still learning the ropes about what goes where and how to shoot my gun effectively. Chris or anyone who kan help me, I am very interested to join the next shoot at Wolwehoek, even if it is just a fun weekend shoot. every bit of experience will help. So I would appreciate it if you could inform me. To all the other members, thanks for the great stories and tips.

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    Wolwehoek is holding their annual christmas shoot on 4 December 2004, from early to late. Non member = R40 and members have to provide a wrapped gift of approx R30. Everything goes on that day, traditional weapons (Bow & arrow) air power, black powder, shotgun, pistol, long rifle etc, etc etc. Bring own meat, pap, sous & fire supplied. The air section will be based on a fun shoot incorporating all the standard disciplines, but shot against time.

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