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Thread: Classic Field Target air rifles

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    Default Classic Field Target air rifles

    For anyone interested in classic pre-charged FT rifles here are a couple that might be of interest:



    This is a Daystate Huntsman FTR Mk1 from around 1988/9 with the original Daystate field target stock design. The original rifle was good for about 45 consistent shots per fill, although this example has had a Welham regulator installed bringing it shot count up to about 85 per charge. Still an extremely accurate little rifle but equipped with a fiddly loading port. This one has also been fitted with a rather nice Welham muzzle brake.



    This rifle is Air Arms Shamal serial no.13, from the first batch released. This rifle was formerly owned by one of the founder members of Cornwall FTC, who was a left handed shooter, so the stock is not the correct period item but is the beech standard version from an SM100 that replaced the Shamal in his l/h FT stock. The scope is a period 'FT' scope, it is a Tasco 6-24x40TR - the TR standing for twin reticle as it features an extra stadia wire below the centre cross to allow bracket range finding. These were a very popular scope back in 1989/90.


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    Daystate Huntsman's stock just cant be compared to the bam.
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